My family made a huge impact on me. They always talked about following your dreams and also using affirmations to set your intentions. The problem with changing your life is often knowing what you want instead of the status quo. When I looked at what I had always wanted, it was only ever to be a writer. So I came up with my affirmation “I am creative. I am an author”.

In november 2011, I published my first book Festina Lente. I was so happy and proud of myself. I thought I was going to change the world and free millions of people from their miserable lives. I was so naive. Playing hard to get with my publisher in that period wasn’t really my style. I spent my own money on printing books and did some old-style PR with press releases, newspapers, interviews etc myself. Even a website and social media wasn’t good enough. I only sold a few books. Literally, a few.

I was devastated, but wasn’t intending to give up (as the affirmations were really kicking in now!). I have learned from my mistakes. I became more business-like. I also discovered that the book you write will change your life. It really did change mine as I understood what writing a book was like and I had found my purpose. Now, a few years later and I am working at my 3th book so, maybe, I am an author?

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