Social Studies

After my eight years of teaching, a lot of what I believe about being a good teacher has shifted. Things that I once believed, I didn’t longer hang on to. What I believe now is this:

  1. First, you must be willing to share of yourself if you expect students to share with you. But, as a social studies teacher, expressing my political beliefs are not up for grabs, but playing devil’s advocate is.
  2. I truly believe if you don’t laugh in every classroom every day – you don’t have their attention. Humor is so essential. Having said that – once in awhile, talking about issues that are sad enough to make us cry is also a good thing.
  3. Fair for one student is not fair for another. One student may be dealing with being homeless and the next may have just had her cell phone taken for texting. Life is not fair. Life is not only living by the rules, you can change once in awhile, every situation and every person is different. So get over it. Listen to your students.
  4. Don’t debase students in front of their peers. If they need a good talking to – find another place.
  5. Make sure you are grading on curriculum and not on bringing a box of tissues for extra credit.
  6. Admit your mistakes, bow to the students who are smarter than you are, admit if there are subjects you didn’t excel in. You are only human, your students will get that.

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